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Home Reflections Quotes from 6th grade Keyboarding students

Quotes from 6th grade Keyboarding students

-My thoughts about this were all very exciting. I felt shocked that just one person can make such a big difference!!!! The part that sounds the most exciting to me is that we actually get to build and design an object that can save people's lives. I can't wait to see the final product!!!


-I am very interested in what we can do to help the people in Nairobi! I thought it was very exciting and interesting to hear what Tyson has done for others and his experiences! I am also very glad we are doing this project because most of us take water for granted and we need to learn that we are very lucky! I am super excited for this project!


-I feel that it will be one of the greatest opportunities of my life. I will be able to help people and gain great life experience, overall this could save many lives. I feel touched that our school trust us to do something this huge, this amazing. I can't wait to impact somebody's life for the better.


-I think one thing that really made me think was when he said that if you put your finger anywhere on that map that the water would be contaminated it really makes me think about how lucky we are to have clean water. I am so happy to be able to save peoples lives!


-I think that it is a wonderful activity it gives us a taste of what other, less wealthy countries are like. It's also a great way to collaborate as a school and affect another county in a positive way!


-I think that this is an awesome project for 6th graders to work on because it can motivate us to do other great things in our future lives


-I think that it is a good experience for us and the people in other schools and doing something that will impact others I feel will help us do good when we are older.


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