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Reflections from Social Studies students

Tell me how you are feeling about Project LINC. What are some thoughts, feelings, or images that you think of?


Zoe S.-

This project will individually change the people in Nairobi's lives, as well as ours. I am really excited about working with Nairobi and a classroom in Greece. A lot of people that live as fortunate as I do probably take their water for granted. That isn't even an option in Nairobi because they don't have the water to do that. This is a great opportunity for kids at AMS to learn about kindness and taking great actions towards helping others. From this project AMS students can carry on many things that could help them in future projects or problems, which could be in their own lives or other people’s lives. Personally, this project has inspired me to do great things in my life. I knew that Africa is not as developed as we are in the United States, but before this project I didn't know that it was this much of a problem. It's terrifying to learn that every 20 seconds a kid in Nairobi dies. To me I think that how this project is incorporated in almost all of our school subjects is really cool. Sure it will be a lot of work, but compared to Nairobi's everyday struggle for survival, it's nothing. Overall, I am more than excited to help Nairobi!

Austin H.

I am feeling good that we are standing up to this problem in Africa, we need to give our best effort towards the project! I also feel for the people in Africa because of what they have to go through on a daily basis just to get water and survive. We take a lot of things for granted here in the US, myself included, so just keep in mind: conserve water whenever you can! I am really excited what we are doing in not just social studies but all of my classes, everyone is pitching in and it shows that we are willing to try to make this work. A lot of us have already come up with some neat ways to help the people in Africa, just make them as simple as possible because like Malachi said: this can't drag on and on. If we wait more and more, people will pass away and get in worse condition. Overall though I feel great that we are doing this and I am glad we are all coming together! We got this AMS -.

Reagan B-

I think that it is very sad. Many people just expect the water to be clean when they turn on the faucet. We also expect to have a meal on the table 3 times a day. But the people in Africa actually have to work every day just for water. I didn't realize how so many people were in need until we started this project. I hope we can save lives and realize how lucky we are.

Malachi W.-

It’s extremely disappointing that the filter at Livingstone’s school broke, but it is not entirely discouraging. I think that the broken water pipe in Nairobi could be a huge wakeup call of all of not. Not only can we help fix their pipes, but I think it can also inspire others to contribute their time to help other fallen countries. I think that it’s extremely exciting that so many students have so quickly developed an interest in helping out, but I also think that all of us need to be coming up with more plausible ideas that are not only cost affective, but timely. The longer this continues, the more contamination will fill the pipes, thus harming more people. Especially considering it’s taken over a month (and counting) for Mrs. Ryan’s first shipment of life straws to get there, we need to be acting quickly while also using wisdom. I think that if we all continue to nurture our thoughts and expand our creativity and reasonable thinking we can make an amazing difference.

Ashlyn B-

I think that what we are doing is amazing and will help all of those children in Africa. With our help we can turn their water from brown to clear with one small device. I feel like when we are not pleased about something we should not be so selfish because the people in Africa do not have as much as us and we need to be thankful for what we have. AMS can show that we won’t be able to save everybody, but saving one life to hundreds can make a huge difference. I hope that those kids in Africa feel overjoyed knowing that with this device they will not have to worry about getting sick, but most importantly I want their face to light up with a smile.


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