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Andover (the U.S.A)-Photos


Andover students presented about Project LINC at First Church of the Nazarene over the weekend


Project LINC final group filters pictures




Greek students reading their fairytale and students from Andover share their first reactions

7th grade Math students sharing their research findingsand presenting them to their friends in Trikala

6th grade Choir students practice singing the state song in preparation for singing via Skype to Cheery Education Center and Teacher Livingstone Kegode.

7th grade math students participated in a Skype call with Mr. Todd Flory's (Skype Master Teacher and MIE Expert 2015) Wheatland Elementary 4th grade class. The 7th grade students shared about Project LINC, research they have been doing in small groups, and encouraged the 4th grade to dream BIG. Mr. Flory's 4th grade class shared about some of their Skype experiences, Genius Hour activities, and some ideas they are working on to "change the world".



Andover students had a Skype call on Feb. 26 with Cheery Education Center (Nairobi, Kenya) and Livingstone Kegode, Havilla teacher traveling in Uganda


Behind the scenes prep for Feb 26 Skype call with Cheery Education Centre (Nairobi, Kenya) and Livingstone Kegode (in Uganda)


Andover students began arriving to school at 6:15 AM for the 7 AM Skype call with Nairobi students.


Examples of art work to be sent to Havilla with Lifestraws


Microsoft and Flow Nonfiction film crew


7th grade math students presenting at Student Council meeting about t-shirt company recommendations based on research and also fundraising data.


Water filter building Day 5- Part 1

Water filter building Day 5-Part 2

Water filter building Day 5- Part 3


Water filter building Day 4- Part 1

Water building filter Day 4- Part 2

Water filter Building Day 4- Part 3

Water filter Building Day 4- Part 4

Water filter Building Day 4- Part 5

Water filter Building Day 4- Part 6



AMS students had an amazing opportunity to hear from Jeff Wiley, a Disney Design and Engineering Castmember- one of the departments for Disney attraction design- to hear how creativity, storytelling, and elements of engineering come together in order to create a dynamic new product.

This was a terrific fit for Project LINC as Jeff emphasized not only the curriculum content, but the power of determination, collaboration, and dreaming BIG makes a positive difference in the world.


Water filter building Day 3-Part 1

Water Building Day 3-Part 2

Water filter building Day 3-Part 3


Water filter building Day 2-Part 1


Water filter building Day 2-Part 2


Water filter building day 1



Dr. Todd Brubaker, Pediatrics Resident at University of Kansas-Wichita, visits with 7th grade Health students about the impact of contaminated water on one's body and health.


7th grade math students sending a Skype video message to teacher Livingstone Kegode asking questions
 generated through student-selected research topics. 


7th grade math students working hard and enjoying the project 


Math students working on the project


6th grade math students researched the average household income in the US/Kansas and compared the cost of water with water costs in Kibera. 

Students also worked in small groups to research and compare life in Nairobi & Kibera to the US & KS. Topics included Schools & Education, Population, Lifestyle, Food & Water Sources



6th grade math students sharing their findings with classmates


6th graders designing and collaborating



Students presenting to the AMS Site Council about Project LINC overview, details, and learning implications

6th Grade Science Students drawing designs of prototypes for their water filters




These are all pictures of students working together to label maps of Africa. They are labeling the map with the countries with the biggest water shortage.  They are also labeling bodies of water in Africa.



The 6th and 7th graders labeled and colored a map of Africa. The red are countries with the least amount if water and the biggest problems. The them reflected on what their map showed them and inferences they can make.


Andover students voting on student proposed fundraisers

Dr. Matt Gibson, Intellectual Property Lawyer at ReedSmith in Houston, Texas visited with 6th grade Science students via Skype. He discussed the process of building and creating a product from idea to production. He also discussed and answered questions about product patents and the steps you would follow to obtain a patent.


Health: Chris Lemons, Director of Zimbabwe Orphan Program, speaks with 7th grade Health students about the water situation in Africa. He visited with students about the impact of contaminated water on a person's health and the need for clean water.

Maths: 6th grade students thinking, reflecting, and questioning as they apply what they are learning in other subject-area classes to what they are doing in math as part of Project LINC

Pictures from Social Studies. Students after discussing the slides wit water crisis in Africa information.

Students watching a video about the water crisis in Africa.

Students answering reflection questions about the water crisis in Africa.

Trying to see how many books he could stack.

Seeing how heavy 50 lbs feels. He only made it to 40!

She made it to 35 lbs before it got too heavy.

The Instagram page of Tyson Mayr after our skype call


Math students model and reflect about the size of a typical house in Kibera, approximately 9 feet by 9 feet with an average of 7 people per household.


Math students reading: "What Do You Do With an Idea?" by Kobi Yamada


Math students calculating area and square feet/person of their homes

and comparing the results to the homes in Nairobi

Students while they are working on the project during their Social Studies


6th grade science students brainstorming and planning how they will create their water filter.


Students learn about water filters



Tyson Mayr a skype social ambassador is talking to the kids about the water problem and calls them into action


A selfie picture with Tyson Mayr

Film Crew Preparation


WSU engineer



Speakers are talking to the kids about the water


Representatives from Culligan Water talking with Science students about water filters



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