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Staff Collaboration

Stacey Ryan and Andrea Friend  from Andover (the USA)

while working with Iro Stefopoulou from Trikala (Greece)



Staff collaborating about the water project in Andover Middle School.


Livingstone Kegode from Nairobi (Kenya) and Iro Stefopoulou from Trikala (Greece)

Stacey Ryan from Kansas (the USA) with Iro Stefopoulou and Nefeli Stefopoulou from Trikala (Greece), and Livingstone Kegode from Nairobi (Kenya)


Livinstone Kegode, Stacey Ryan, Andrea Friend, Tenae Alfaro and Iro Stefopoulou


Livingstone Kegode, Stacey Ryan and Iro Stefopoulou

Dimitris Aivazoglou (owner of the CLUBEFL platform) advising Iro Stefopoulou on the creation of the blog


Stacey Ryan, Iro Stefopoulou and Ty Coughenour (the Producer who assisted the whole skype call between our students)


Dyane Smokorowski, Stacey Ryan and Andrea Friend from Kansas (the USA) with Iro Stefopoulou from Trikala (Greece) announcing the amazing news to Jairus Makambi from Nairobi (Kenya)

The Lifestraw company offered two community water filters for his school  (Cheery Education Centre) and two for the Havilla School.


Staff in Andover Middle School collaborating


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