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March Update

Published on March 3, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

USA is sending 42 more family water filters!


February Update

Greece is sending more money this month that would cover 46 additional homes

Our thoughts and hearts are with you!!




A song for Project LINC

Andover Middle School 7th grader Mollie Beaver teamed up recently with 
songwriter Aaron Sidwell who wrote a song for Mollie to sing and 
record for Project LINC. 

On August 21, a student representative from schools in Project LINC
(5 schools and 3 continents) skyped together
in order to sing/record the chorus of the song for the cd/iTunes track. 

We at Project LINC think it is just awesome to see what our students can do - together. 
Stay tuned for more!



Project LINC video



Meet Nefeli-Sofia Stefopoulou: Greek winner of the YouthSpark Challenge for Change and Project LINC’s Ambassador

Click on the pictures to read her interview for Microsoft News Centre Europe


ChallengeForChangeWinner44Project LINC_1


Learn about the winners of the YouthSpark Challenge for Change and Project LINC’s ambassador

Click on the picture to read about the winners  of the YouthSpark Challenge for Change and Project LINC's ambassador










Interviews with Havilla Head Teacher Domitilla about Project LINC


Interview with Cheery Student


Interview with Havilla’s Teacher Tyson

Teacher Tyson at the Havilla Childrens Center in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi discusses the impact that Lifestraw water filters will have on students in the school.


Interview with Director Jairus at Cheery Children Ed Centre

Nancy from Vestergaard talks with Jairus Makambi about the impact Lifestraw filters provided by students in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Greece will have on students at the Cheery Children Education Centre in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi.